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Let's grow together: Our plan for 2020

In 2015 we set out on our five year journey to 2020 with our corporate plan, Let’s Grow Together.

Today’s world is forever evolving and we are not immune to these changes. We have therefore revisited our five year objectives to make sure we’re still heading in the right direction and focusing on the right things that will help us achieve our goals for our customers, communities and colleagues.

Rapid technological advances, a new mayor for Greater Manchester, Brexit and an evolving political environment, a growing housing crisis and welfare reforms are just some of the changes we, along with many others, are facing.

With these changes come opportunities: truly digital services for our customers; predictive asset management; a stronger voice to help tackle the housing crisis; working closer with health providers; even 3D printing new homes- Yes. WHY NOT?!

Our customers deserve to have their landlord support them to navigate this brave new world. This, our updated five year plan, meets these changes head on, with the ambition and forward-thinking that we pride ourselves on. The time is right for us to think differently about how we meet these challenges. We feel the time is right to Rethink Housing.

The facts

  • We own 8,500 homes across Salford
  • We have one in ten people in Salford living in one of our homes
  • We’re investing £75m improving homes across Salford
  • We’re creating hundreds of jobs and training opportunities for people in Salford


A review of 2016-17

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Rethinking Housing

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    Let's grow together: Our plan for 2020

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    Our 2017/18 Business Priorities

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