Equality and diversity

Our equality and diversity policy aims to:

  • incorporate equality and diversity into all our services

  • make sure equality and diversity shapes our organisation's culture

  • positively affect the experiences of those who may otherwise have been disadvantaged

We have made these commitments to make sure equality and diversity:

  • becomes embedded throughout the organisation

  • forms an integral part of our service delivery

  • informs how we engage with others

Equality and diversity is driven from the top

It is important that there is strong leadership around equality and diversity. Our:

  • governing body

  • senior management team

  • wider leadership team

make this happen with a strategic commitment to equality and diversity.

Equality and diversity informs our business planning

We try to make sure that equality and diversity informs our:

  • business planning processes

  • investment decisions

  • how we design effective and value for money services

To make this happen we will undertake equality analysis that's

  • transparent

  • monitored

  • reported

  • acted upon

Equality and diversity shapes our organisational culture

We have a zero tolerance approach to discriminatory attitudes and practices. Equality and diversity is supported through staff training, development and engagement. All colleagues are provided with the training and development support they need to:

  • equip them with the right knowledge and skills to understand the diversity of others

  • be able to use this knowledge to shape and improve the services they deliver

We know who our customers are

We use proactive customer insights to understand :

  • our customers' future needs and aspirations

  • the services they access

  • their housing needs

Our customers help shape and scrutinise our services

We encourage and respect the contributions of a diverse range of customers.

This empowers them to join in the monitoring and review of our services.

Their feedback helps us to ‘get it right first time’. This improves customer satisfaction and value for money.

We represent the communities we serve

We strengthen relationships and build trust by building visible links with community groups that are:

  • local

  • diverse

  • representative

This helps us to make safer and more tolerant communities.

We have signed the Equality and Diversity CIH Charter for Housing. This is proof of our commitment to make sure our equality and diversity practices are robust.

By signing up to the Charter, we are making a public commitment towards:

  • greater equality and diversity in housing

  • working with residents to tailor the Charter to best meet local needs and priorities

  • delivering excellence in equality and diversity across the organisation


  • Download

    Our equality and diversity policy

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  • Download

    The equality and diversity charter

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  • Download

    Our signed CiH charter

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