Homes for Ukraine

How to let us know you’re taking part

We know that many of our customers are looking for ways to offer help to the people of Ukraine. Here are some of the ways you can support and what you need to do if you’re planning to be a Homes for Ukraine host.


You can help people in Ukraine by making a donation to the DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. They work with many charities, including the British Red Cross, to provide food, water, shelter and healthcare to refugees and displaced families.

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

You could also help by welcoming a Ukrainian person or family into your home.

The Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme supports people to offer a spare room, or separate self-contained accommodation, to Ukrainian refugee(s) for at least six months.

The most current information can be accessed through the Government’s Homes for Ukraine information page.

The Government has also published a set of Frequently Asked Questions - we encourage you to consider all this information carefully before deciding.

For Salix Homes customers

The FAQs below give more information for customers planning to offer a place in their home to somebody escaping Ukraine.

Can I offer to take in Ukrainians under the government’s Ukraine scheme?

Salix Homes gives tenants a contractual right to take in a lodger if you have an assured tenancy, subject to certain conditions. 

Do I need permission to offer a room/s under the Homes for Ukraine scheme?

Yes. As with any case of taking in a lodger, you must get permission from Salix Homes before taking in a lodger. Your request will be assessed in line with our household members, lodgers and sub-tenants policy.  Permission will not be given if you would be overcrowding your property by moving in a lodger or lodgers.

To request permission:

How long will it take to get permission?

Due to the urgency of the situation, all applications will be dealt with promptly once you have provided the required information.

What do I need to consider before offering a room or rooms for the scheme?

The minimum requirement is that you can offer a room for at least six months. You need to consider if you have the space for that length of time.

There is government guidance on taking in lodgers and sub-tenants and you should consider the advice carefully: - a guide for letting rooms in your home

Do I need to do any checks on the person or persons I take in under the Homes for Ukraine scheme?

The government is ensuring that the necessary checks are being done on the people being homed under this scheme, as well as the people offering up a room or rooms. 

Be prepared to be checked yourself, which may include a home visit.

Can I charge the Ukrainian lodgers rent?

Based on current information available, the government is making a fixed monthly payment of £350 for up to twelve months to every household who takes in a lodger or lodgers under this Scheme.

They have confirmed that you should not be charging any additional rent.