Volunteers step in for the Easter bunny to deliver 300 eggs to Salford families

16 April, 2020

Volunteers helped to lift spirits by delivering Easter eggs to hundreds of people across Salford during the coronavirus lockdown.
Salix Homes board member Greig Lees volunteers weekly at The Bread and Butter Thing charity. Along with other volunteers, he helped to deliver thousands of Easter eggs to local food hubs in Salford and Pendlebury.

The project needed to source vans, cars and drivers and Greig made a call to Salford-based housing provider Salix Homes and the team got to work to help make it happen.
Property surveyor Reece Olive volunteered to drive and to deliver the eggs to the local food hubs. He also worked alongside community volunteer and member of Salix Homes Customer Committee, Keri Muldoon to deliver 300 eggs across the community to various families and schemes.

Reece Olive said “It was really rewarding to see the happy reactions of the residents when we dropped off their Easter eggs.

“I was more than happy to volunteer, as I live locally and have lived in Salford all my life. It’s good to be able to give back.”

The Bread and Butter Thing is a charity that aims to make life more affordable for people on a low income.  They have provided over 4,300,000 meals to over 8,000 registered families in need in Greater Manchester, with the charity’s members ranging from young families and single parent families to refugees and the elderly.

Chief executive of Salix Homes, Lee Sugden said: “This Easter weekend will have been a tough one for many. It’s usually a time for people to come together, but this year there will be many who couldn’t see loved ones, or even had to spend it alone.

“Greig, Reece and Keri have helped to bring joy to hundreds of people this weekend, and I couldn’t be prouder.”