Springboard Heroes Finalist - Buile Hill Mansion Association


The Buile Hill Mansion Association is working alongside Salford City Council to restore the historic Buile Hill Park Mansion and surrounding buildings and bring it back into public use

From 1975 until 2000 Buile Hill mansion was the home of the Lancashire Mining museum, but due to budget cuts, Salford Council made the decision to close the museum in 2000.

Salix Homes donated £900 from our  Springboard fund to support the cause and enable the group to organise a number of community events, which included creating a series of films of people sharing their memories of the site.

Jenni Smith, the association’s chair and funding lead, said “If we’re voted to be Springboard Heroes, we’d use the money to continue our restoration of the Sensory Garden and to hold community events.

“The Sensory Garden was opened in the 1960s and was created to be a garden for park visitors with impaired senses.  Sadly, over the decades, the garden has fallen into a poor condition due to lack of resources and investment.

“Our aim now is to restore the garden for the enjoyment of all but including those with sensory impairment or processing disorders.

“Once complete, the four main flowerbeds will represent the senses of sight, smell, sound and touch. We’ll then be able to open up the garden for tours and sensory sessions for local families, schools and groups.

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