Work and training

We can help you to improve your chances of getting a job.

Call Jackie Crooke on 0800 218 2000

Jackie will help you:

  • prepare or update your CV
  • look for jobs
  • fill in job application forms
  • improve your interview technique
  • take part in mock interviews
  • write a good cover letter
  • find volunteering opportunities
  • get general careers advice

Virtual job club

Salford Housing Associations' Employment Support Partnership provides individual employment and training advice. They run a virtual job club to help you overcome some of the challenges you may face.

The virtual job club works through individual telephone interviews.

Their experienced and qualified advisors can help with:

  • CV writing

  • filling in application forms

  • interview techniques

  • current recruiters

  • e-learning

  • cover letters

  • volunteering

  • careers advice

and much more.

Get in touch

Call Phil on 07706 382392.

You do not need an appointment.