Supporting older tenants

We support our older and more vulnerable tenants in a number of ways.

Sheltered schemes

Sheltered housing is for people over the age of 55 who want to carry on living independently but with support in place and Salix Homes has 7 sheltered accommodation schemes across Central Salford.

For more information visit our sheltered accommodation page.

Keep warm, keep well

We run an annual campaign to ensure that our vulnerable, older tenants keep warm throughout the winter months. We visit tenants in their homes to check on how they are doing, and run local events giving out free blankets and energy saving items.

In addition we advise on the possible grants and benefits to maximise income such as:

  • winter fuel payment - A tax-free benefit to help pay for heating during winter
  • cold weather payment - Made during periods of very cold weather to help pay for extra heating costs. Maximum £25 per week
  • grants and loans - Community Care Grants, Budgeting Loans or Crisis Loans.

Keep active

We work in partnership with the council's Health Improvement team to run Active Senior Sessions based within our Sheltered schemes. The sessions involve various fun activities including different styles of dancing, exercise and healthy eating advice. The sessions are free of charge and are open to any customer aged 50+.

Staying independent and safe

We offer a number of tailored support packages to residents in our sheltered schemes that range from an 'I'm ok' check to a weekly visit. The packages mean that residents only pay for the level of care they need, to ensure that they can live an independent life in a safe environment.
For more information visit our sheltered accommodation page.

Equipment and adaptations

Adaptations are changes to your home that allow you to live more independently. If you have a problem with mobility, for example if trouble climbing the stairs or getting into and out of a bath we may be able to adapt your home to enable you to do this more easily. 

Get in touch

For more information on any of these initiatives email