Salix Homes policies

At Salix Homes, we believe that clear policies and guidelines are essential, ensuring everyone understands their rights, responsibilities, and expectations.

You can find out more and read some of our key policies in the list below.

Salix Homes Policies

Salix Homes welcomes all feedback from our customers and recognises that this feedback represents valuable information that we can use to improve the services we offer. Here we’ve set out our policies around how we manage customers’ tenancies and tenancy related issues.

📄 – Anti-social Behaviour (ASB), Hate Crime and Domestic Abuse Policy

📄 – Compensation Policy

📄 – Customer Feedback & Complaints Policy

📄 – Customer Support Fund Policy

📄 – Household Members, Lodgers and Sub Tenants Policy

📄 – Lettings Policy

📄 – Management Move Policy

📄 – Mutual Exchanges Policy

📄 – Pet Management Policy

📄 – Safeguarding Policy

📄 – Succession and Assignment Policy

📄 – Tenancy Audit Policy

📄 – Tenancy Changes Policy

📄 – Tenancy Fraud Policy

📄 – Tenancy Management Policy

The safety of our customers and staff is always our top priority. Here are our policies around a number of safety related issues.

📄 – Asbestos Management Policy

📄 – Cyclical Maintenance Policy

📄 – Damp, Mould & Compensation Policy

📄 – Disrepair Policy

📄 – Electrical Compliance Policy

📄 – Fire Safety Management Policy

📄 – Gas Policy

📄 – Legionella & Water Management Policy

We pride ourselves in providing good quality homes, where our customers can live, grow and thrive.

📄 – Equipment and Adaptations Policy

📄 – Pest Control Policy

📄 – Property Investment Policy

How we want to keep our neighbourhoods and communities places we can all be proud of.

📄 – Environmental Services Policy

Our policies around rents and charges.

📄 – Income Management Policy

📄 – Rent Setting Policy

📄 – Service Charge Setting Policy

A range of other important policies and strategies around different areas of our business.

📄 – Asset Management Strategy

📄 – Customer Engagement Strategy

📄 – Data Protection Policy

📄 – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

📄 – Probity Policy

📄 – Procurement Policy

📄 – Reasonable Adjustments Policy

📄 – Recruitment & Selection Policy

📄 – Social Value Policy

📄 – Whistleblowing Policy

Reports, policies and transparency

Reports, policies and transparency

Salix Homes reports and business information

Reports, policies and transparency
Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

How and why we do the things that we do

Our Vision and Values
Our Promise to You

Our Promise to You

The Salix Homes Customer Charter

Our Promise to You