How our services are measuring up

Performance Reports

We are committed to the delivery of first class housing services that continually improve and meet our customers’ needs and aspirations.

We aim to provide high-quality housing in clean and safe communities, so that we can help our communities live, grow and thrive, together.

We measure performance across different areas of our business, and publish a report on these each quarter.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) sets out their expectations of all Registered Providers (RPs) in the Regulatory Standards. The Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard requires all registered providers of social housing to collect and report annually on their performance through the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs).

The TSMs help the RSH monitor how social housing landlords in England are performing in their duties of providing good quality homes and services, They also provide visibility and transparency of how landlords are performing across a total of 22 measures; including 10 operational measures and 12 tenant perception measures.

Over the past 12 months, the information from the TSMs has been helping us get valuable feedback from customers across key areas of our business – including overall satisfaction with the landlord, repairs, ASB, complaints and communication and more.

The performance for 2023/24 for the 22 measures can be accessed here:

📄 – Tenant Satisfaction Measures – 2023/24

Summary of Approach
To collect the tenant perception measures, from April 2023 through to March 2024 we have conducted a total of 662 telephone surveys with customers. These were carried out on a monthly basis by Kwest Research, on behalf of Salix Homes following the requirements and guidance set by the Regulator.

No weighting has been applied to generate our perception measures scores and no customers were excluded due to exceptional circumstances (in line with the TSM regulations). No incentives were offered to those taking part in the survey.

A copy of the survey questions can be accessed here.

All responses where customers expressed dissatisfaction have been followed up to see if there are any outstanding actions required in relation to the issue they had raised.

Summary of Representativeness
When collecting the tenant perception measures, we have used a ‘sample approach’ – where a random sample of customers are invited to participate in the survey. When selecting the demographics to build our sample, we have been proportionate and have selected high level demographic data, with the sample generated to reflect the ‘representativeness’ of our customers across the following areas:-

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Neighbourhood
  • Customer Type

Our assessment of representativeness can be accessed here.

Next Steps
The full year of TSM results have been submitted to the RSH.

We will continue to collect the TSMs on a monthly basis and publish our results on a quarterly basis for 2024/25.

We will review the TSMs with our customer groups to make sure that they are accessible and that customers understand what the TSMs are telling them about the services we provide.

If you are keen to know more about the TSMs, you can find out more through the Regulator of Social Housing Guide.

You said, we listened, we improved

You said, we listened, we improved

Feedback from our customers gives us the chance to improve our performance.

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