Customer Groups

Salix Homes residents overseeing and helping improve our services.

We have several Customer Groups, made up of tenants, who focus on key areas of the organisation and give us suggestions and feedback to help us make improvements.

Our Customer Groups

There are more than 100 tenants in our Scrutiny Pool.

If our Customer Committee want to find out more about a particular area of our business, they recruit members of the Scrutiny Pool to lend a hand.

These are called ‘scrutineers’ and you’ll get the opportunity to look really closely at how we work and take part in an in-depth review of our services. You’ll be able to ask questions of our workforce, attend meetings and delve deep into the inner workings of our organisation.

You’ll then report your findings back to our Customer Committee, who will feedback those findings to us and suggest ways we can do things better.

You’ll also be paid for your time and all training is provided.

Procurement is the process of purchasing goods or services and we want to make sure we’re getting good value for our money when we appoint different companies or organisations to deliver services for us.

It’s important to us that we spend our money wisely and in a way that benefits our customers and communities, so this is where our Procurement Panel comes in.

You’ll be involved in the procurement process, so you can have a say on how we’re spending our money and help ensure we’re getting a good deal.

You’ll get all the training you need to be able to help us in procuring services for our customers.

When we appoint our contractors, we also ask that they carry out extra work or projects that benefit the wider community – this is known as ‘social value’. Our Procurement Panel are also involved in monitoring our contractors to ensure that those extra social value elements are being delivered.

At Salix Homes, we always strive to do our best, but sometimes we don’t get things quite right – and we want to be open and honest with our customers about the times when things do go wrong.

We’re also committed to learning from our mistakes, so we can make sure we do better moving forward.

Our Complaints Oversight Group work closely with us to develop and review our complaints process and help to improve the experience for customers.

Would you like to have your say on how Salix Homes deliver services in your building?

The Apartment Living Forum is a dedicated space for our residents to talk about the services that Salix Homes provide for your high rise apartment block, this includes:

  • Building safety
  • Caretaking and cleaning
  • Security and concierge
  • Anti-social behaviour and tenancy management
  • Leasehold services

Meetings conducted by the Apartment Living Forum will be chaired by a Salix Homes customer who lives in one of our high rise buildings. The forum will meet every three months at our head office at Diamond House, 2 Peel Cross Road, M5 4DT. If you have difficulty accessing our head office we can arrange suitable transport for you.

To get involved or find out more, please email:

Want to get involved?

Contact our Customer Engagement Team to see what opportunities are currently available.

Never has it been more important for social landlords to listen to the voices of tenants.

We firmly believe our modern approach to customer engagement echoes the recommendations made in the Government’s Social Housing White Paper, calling for greater accountability, transparency and engagement with customers, so we’re very proud to be leading the way.

Jim Battle, Chair of the Board

Customer Committee

Customer Committee

The customers monitoring and improving the way Salix Homes operates

Customer Committee
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Community Connectors

The voice at the heart of your local neighbourhood

Community Connectors
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Our people

Meet the people behind all the work we do at Salix Homes, including boards, committees, and teams

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