Repairs and maintenance

How to book a repair

The easiest way to request a repair to your home is through MySalix. Just tell us what the problem is, then choose a convenient day for our team to visit you.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are things that may cause a danger to you or other people, or where your home may be damaged if action isn’t taken straight away. These include:

  • blocked or fractured drains
  • gas escapes
  • electrical faults
  • major leaks or bursts
  • broken windows and other glass
  • total loss of electrical power
  • total loss of water supply
  • insecure window or door locks

To report an emergency repair call us on 0800 218 2000.

Rechargeable repairs

There are some repairs you have to carry out yourself. We can do them for you but you will need to cover the cost. We will provide you with a price for completing these repairs and ask for a deposit. Rechargeable repairs include:

  • Changing your locks to provide you with replacement keys, including when lost or stolen
  • Repairs needed due to damage caused by you, a household member or a visitor to your home, or where forced entry is required by emergency services
  • Repairs due to alterations made by you, with or without our permission
  • Where we have to clear your home after you leave as you have not removed possessions or have left behind rubbish or other items

Book it or report it

Log on to MySalix to order and schedule a repair, or to let us know about an issue in your neighbourhood

MySalix - Log on or register

Repairs and maintenance FAQs

To let us know about a problem around your neighbourhood or building, report it online through MySalix.

Report an Estate Management issue – such as:

  • an abandoned home or abandoned vehicle
  • a property or garden looking neglected
  • parking issues
  • subletting of a home

Report an Environmental issue – such as:

  • fly-tipping
  • graffiti
  • littering

Most repairs are completed within just a couple of weeks. Once we know the type of repair you need, we will offer you a choice of appointments for it to be done.

Estate Management and Environmental issues are checked as soon as possible, usually within just a few days.

Through MySalix, you can check the details and track progress of your repairs or issues at any time. 

Our and your responsibilities

Our and your responsibilities

Who's responsible for looking after things in your home

Repairs and maintenance support guides

Repairs and maintenance support guides

Useful tips and help around common issues

Safety in your home

Safety in your home

Safety in our buildings and reporting concerns

More details and help with common problems

Keeping your home comfortable and safe

We carry out over 30,000 repairs each year, with around 92% of them completed on the first visit. We want every customer to be satisfied with their home.

Salix Homes Repairs and Maintenance teams

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Manage my home

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How we can help you

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How we can help you
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Get involved

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