Sheltered accommodation

Sheltered housing is for people over the age of 55 who want to carry on living independently. Support is in place to help with this.

We have 7 sheltered accommodation schemes across Central Salford. Residents all have their own flat or bungalow. Most of these have 1 or 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room.

How to find an available home

All our sheltered housing is advertised on Salford Home Search. If you meet the age criteria can bid on these properties. You'll need to register with Salford Home Search first.

Email us at for more information.

Independent supported living

We offer tailored support packages to residents in our sheltered schemes. These range from an 'I'm ok' check to a weekly visit. Residents only pay for the level of care they need to live an independent life in a safe environment. 

Package 1 - Emergency monitoring and response

Package 2 - Emergency monitoring and response + I’m OK check

Package 3 - Emergency monitoring and response + a weekly visit

Package 4 - Emergency monitoring and response + I’m OK check + a weekly visit

What does each option include?

All options include equipment to alert services if you need help. this includes:

  • a pullcord in your home

  • a pendant for you to wear

  • a fall sensor (which is like a bracelet and lets us know if you have had a fall)

Every option also includes:

  • someone available to speak to you if you pull your cord or press your pendant 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It takes between 1 and 3 minutes before you'll hear someone

  • emergency home visits 

  • responding if your smoke alarm goes off. We'll call the fire brigade if there is a fire in your home and we're unable to speak to you to find out if you are OK.

The emergency fire service is not available in:

  • Springbank

  • cottage flats at Rialto Gardens

  • cottage flats at Broomedge

'I’m OK' check includes:

  • checking each day (Monday to Friday) that you have pressed the 'I’m OK button' on your intercom by the agreed time

  • getting in touch through the intercom system if you have not pressed the 'I’m Ok' button by the agreed time

  • going into your flat to check on you if we are unable to make contact with you through the intercom system. You need to give us permission and a set of keys to do this

  • getting help and assistance for you in an emergency situation

  • reporting concerns for your welfare to the emergency services

Weekly visits include:

  • visiting you for 15-20 minutes on an agreed day and time each week. We'll check your wellbeing and discuss your support needs with you

  • signposting and referring you for other services where you need them. For example occupational therapy or social care assessments

What other support do I get?

You'll also get help from a sheltered housing officer. They'll do weekly building checks, for example, fire alarm tests. They'll be at your scheme on a set day and time each week for you to speak to about issues such as:

  • repairs

  • rent

  • your tenancy

  • letters you receive from Salix Homes