Value for money

84% of our income comes from the rent we receive for your home and housing service. As a sound and transparent business each year we publish our annual accounts which shows what we spend and if we are achieving value for money. We also publish our commitment to providing value for money in our Annual Review each year.

Value for money is not just about reducing costs, it is about spending wisely in line with our corporate plan, which could mean spending more money. Every decision Salix Homes makes ensures it is meeting at least one of the following outcomes:  

  • making sure we provide high quality services  
  • investing in our assets
  • improving the quality of life of our customers  
  • making efficiencies when appropriate


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    Financial Statements 2020-21

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    Financial Statements 2019-20

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    Financial Statements 2018-19

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    Value for Money - Annual Report 2020/21

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    Value for Money - Annual Report 2019/20

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    Value for Money - Annual Report 2018/19

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