Benefits of working at Salix Homes

We want people to live, grow and thrive with Salix. We value the contribution of all our colleagues and recognise and reward individuals who exceed our expectations.

Working at Salix Homes brings a wealth of benefits to you, to help make your work and home life easier.

Health & wellbeing

Dental work, eye tests, prescriptions and even a massage – you can claim cashback for a range of treatments with our Health Cash Plan. We offer generous sick pay, access to reduced gym membership, mental health support, counselling and more.

Health Cash Plan
We care about your health and wellbeing. That’s why we offer a Health Cash Plan, which means you can claim money back for everyday healthcare treatment through our healthcare providers Healthshield, which can also be extended to your family members. Of course, every individual has different needs, so our plan is flexible too - from dental treatment, eye tests, physiotherapy and even a stress-busting massage, there are many options available to you. There’s even a 24/7 Employee Helpline where you can get a range of additional support. Whatever your healthcare needs, you can be sure that our Health Cash Plan is there to support you.

Reduced gym membership
Whether you’re a regular gym bunny, or just starting out on your fitness journey, as a Salix Homes employee you can access discounted gym membership with Fit City Salford. You’ve got a choice of eight leisure centres and gyms across Salford, plus six swimming pools and over 300 group exercise classes. If sports are more your thing, you can access free badminton and squash courts and get discounts on activities at Salford Watersports Centre. Need a gym outside of Salford? No problem, there’s more corporate gym membership options available with Health Shield. 

Supporting you
If you’ve got longer term support needs, we can provide access to qualified Occupational Health services to help us better support you in your role. Healthy minds are just as important as healthy bodies, so we work with Salford University to provide external Counselling Services. Don’t suffer in silence, counselling support is available for a range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, stress and bereavement.

We also have trained Mental Health First-Aiders within our workforce, who are there to lend a confidential and supportive ear and can signpost you to professional services that you may need.

We often run healthy lifestyle sessions to support you in any improvements you might like to make to your health and wellbeing. You’ll be able to attend in-house sessions to help you stop smoking, cope with stress or get advice on nutrition and dietary support.

Your safety is paramount, so we also provide lone working devices to those who can find themselves working alone in the community.

Planning for the future

Plan for the future with our generous pension plan, plus a life assurance scheme to take the financial burden off your nearest and dearest should the worst happen to you.

We put in 1.5 times an employee's contribution amount - for example, if they put in 6%, we put in 9% for a total of 15%.

Life assurance
You can nominate someone to receive 3 times your annual salary if you pass away while employed at Salix Homes.

Family friendly benefits

Family comes first with our enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption leave, Tax-Free childcare, compassionate leave and time-off to deal with those unexpected family emergencies.

Maternity/Paternity and Adoption Leave
We offer enhanced payments to support you if you are welcoming a new child into your family. We also offer Shared Parental Leave which means that you and your partner could share this special time in a more flexible way, even if your partner works for a different employer.

We know that nursery fees can be eye-watering, but if you’re a working parent, you could save money on your childcare costs through Tax-Free Childcare - a government initiative that can cover up to 20% of your childcare fees up to a fixed amount.

Additional Leave
Family life isn’t always plain sailing, and we know there will be occasions when you need to take some time off to deal with an unexpected emergency at home.

To support you we have a range of ‘special leave’ options including emergency time off for dependents, parental leave and compassionate leave.

Work-life balance

Strike the right balance between your work and home-life with hybrid working, flexible hours and up to 33 days holiday every year.

We offer competitive annual leave for our employees and the longer you stay working with us, the more annual leave you’re entitled to:

- Less than 5 years: 26 days
- 5 years or more: 32 days
- Over 7 years:  33 days

This is on top of paid leave for bank holidays.

Flexible working
Make work work for you with our flexible working policy, which can increase motivation and promote a positive work-life balance. Not to be confused with flexi-time, flexible working enables you to strike the right balance between your work and home-life by requesting changes to the hours or days you work. We’re committed to exploring ways we can accommodate your requests.

Depending on your role you may also benefit from our Flexi-time Policy. This operates between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday, for many colleagues who work up to 36 hours a week. For those that can access this scheme, it allows you to flex your working hours to achieve an improved work life balance. Should you work a longer week, you can take this time back at a later date, so it’s great for fitting in those trips to the dentist or doctors appointments, attending school plays, or even having an earlier finish one day to enjoy the sunshine.

Hybrid working
The world is a very different place these days and with the right technology, we know you can be just as productive working from home or remotely, as you are in the office. As a modern employer we have invested in technology that enables you, where possible, to be able to work from home as part of your working week and avoid the dreaded commute.

Religious holidays
We know that you may wish to take time-off during holy days and festivals, and we will always endeavour to accommodate this if it can be balanced against the needs of the business.

Public duties
You might also be entitled to unpaid time-off to carry out certain public duties or take part in charitable activities and we will always try to accommodate these requests.

Learning & development

Looking to reach your full potential? You can rest assured that the development of our employees really is at the heart of everything we do. We know that if you develop professionally and personally you will want to stay with us and help us deliver an excellent service to our customers. This is why we offer a variety of ways for you to grow and develop so you can continuously learn while you are working with us, and it doesn’t just involve training courses.

We’re also accredited by Investors in People as a gold level organisation in recognition of our continued commitment to our colleagues.

We provide all new starters with a comprehensive induction programme to help them to understand our business and ensure they have all the necessary training for their roles.

Buzz Learn
Access our comprehensive e-learning platform, offering a wide range of courses to support your ongoing development that can be accessed at your convenience.

We’re proud to be a learning organisation; so, we invest in you on a continual basis to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to undertake your role to the best of your abilities.

Sponsored Study
You can make a request for us to fund a development course for you, usually provided by a college or university, that will support you to develop your career whilst benefiting the organisation.

In addition to sponsored study, it may be more suitable for you to go down the apprenticeship route. Apprenticeships are no longer just for school-leavers - there are now a wide range of learning opportunities you can access beyond those of traditional entry level apprenticeships.

We recognise that another way of learning is by doing, so when we have a vacancy for a short period of time, we can offer this as an internal secondment. This allows you to move to this new role for a temporary period enabling you to expand your knowledge and skill-set.

Acting Up
Sometimes, the opportunity arises to take on additional duties, usually those of a more senior position for a temporary period. When this happens it’s a good way to expand your knowledge and demonstrate your abilities operating at this level. If you are acting up, you will be paid appropriately for undertaking the additional duties.

Transport benefits

Cut the cost of commuting with our transport perks, plus free parking across our sites in Salford. Or you can travel on two wheels and take advantage of our Cycle to Work Scheme.

Car Allowance
If you need to use a car as part of your job role, we will pay towards the cost of your mileage. If you are an essential car user, you will also receive a monthly entitlement towards the cost of maintaining your vehicle.

Car Leasing Scheme
Take the hassle out of car ownership and use our salary sacrifice scheme to lease a brand new, fully maintained, taxed and insured car. It even covers servicing, repairs and breakdown cover - the only extra thing you pay for is fuel. You’ll pay via a fixed monthly reduction in your salary before Tax so you will also save on Tax and National Insurance.

Cycle to Work Scheme
Get fit, go green and cycle to work. We have teamed up with Evans Cycles allowing you to lease a bike, equipment and safety equipment for a period of 12 months by way of a salary sacrifice scheme. At the end of the scheme, you’ll have the option to purchase the bike at a discounted rate. The Cycle to Work Scheme aims to tackle traffic congestion, poor air quality, and increases access to a more sustainable means of transportation.

Company culture

Embrace our contemporary company culture with our relaxed dress code and modern and creative workspaces. Plus, you can earn extra fun perks, with our employee recognition system.

Our online employee recognition system allows you to recognise your colleagues for their great work. If your manager thinks you deserve an extra perk too, you can choose from a diverse range of rewards that are meaningful to you such as shopping vouchers or a day off.

Health Cash Plan
As part of your Healthshield membership, you also get exclusive access to a range of discounts from leading brands, as well as cashback deals, discounted travel and cut-price tickets for events and the cinema.

Dress code
A relaxed dress code is good for wellbeing, and we encourage you to dress for your day. So, if you’ve got no meetings, jeans and trainers are just fine. If you’re meeting with customers or partners, then smarter dress might me more appropriate.

Contemporary workspace
We’ve invested in our offices to create a contemporary workspace, complete with formal and informal break-out areas and dedicated focus rooms for when you need a little peace and quiet. We also have an entire floor for colleagues to relax and enjoy their downtime with vending machines and a games area.

Free tea and coffee
We know the importance of a good brew, we are Northern after all, so we provide free tea and coffee at our sites to keep you well fuelled.


If you talk, we’ll listen. Communication matters to us and we’ll check-in with you regularly so we understand what matters to you. You can also engage with your colleagues on Workplace, hear directly from our CEO at our team briefings, join a group with other employees.

Internal Communications
We aim to keep you informed and use a range of communication channels to keep you connected. Stay up-to-date with the latest goings-on with our weekly e-bulletin, hear from our executive and senior management teams at our Team Salix briefings.

Regular check-ins
Whether through a regular one-to-one with your line manager, employee survey or workshop, we use different ways to check-in to ensure we understand what is important to you and take action where we can to continually improve your experiences.

Inclusion Group
We believe passionately that everyone has the right to be respected, so to support us to do this, we have established an Inclusion Group so that we can listen and learn new ways in which we can achieve this.

Trade Unions
We recognise three Trade Unions - Unison, GMB and Unite - and we meet with them monthly to work together to promote positive work experiences.