The importance of balance in a scrutiny project 

31st July, 2020

Having a modern approach to scrutiny is vital for providers to be able to deliver scrutiny projects that are balanced and effective.

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Volunteering during the coronavirus pandemic

3rd June, 2020

Steve Finbow is our business change project manager. After being put on furlough, he decided to volunteer his time at local charity, That Bread and Butter Thing, as its volunteer coordinator.

The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) helps to deliver food to individuals and families going through financial hardship and is helping anyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and it has now recently been awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Services.

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From baristas to barristers

27th January, 2020

To truly hear the customer voice can we continue to rely on goodwill, free time and the promise of a biscuit and a brew? If we want resident engagement to work we must be prepared to pay them for their valued time. Salix Homes chief executive Lee Sugden calls for parity in formal customer engagement

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We need to right the wrongs of Right to Buy

17th July, 2019

As we celebrate 100 years of the council house, Lee Sugden airs his views on the controversial Right to Buy policy.


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If we’re to solve the housing crisis, creating new homes is just as vital as building them

9th May, 2019

The housing crisis won’t be solved by building alone, but converting and repurposing empty buildings into homes can make a valuable contribution, writes Jonathan Drake.

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A housing strategy for the future

18th April, 2019

By Jonathan Drake, service director at Salix Living, the private sector leasing arm of Salix Homes.

The end of this month will see Greater Manchester’s much-lauded A Bed Every Night project draw to a close.

The pioneering initiative launched by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham last November has given more than 1,600 homeless people a warm place to stay during the cold winter nights.

Of those, almost 500 have now been supported into a permanent home, making a huge impact on the homelessness crisis that is gripping our region.

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Is it time for an apprenticeship rebrand?

7th March, 2019

Our chief executive Lee Sugden gives his take on apprenticeships.

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Tackling empty homes could help solve housing crisis

8th January, 2019

Salix Homes chief executive Lee Sugden on why tackling empty homes and buildings could help solve the housing crisis.

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The housing sector can help stub it out

20th November, 2018

Read Lee Sugden's latest blog on the affects of smoking in social housing

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The private rented sector can be the solution, not the problem.

28th August, 2018

Salix Living service director gives his take on the recent findings by Shelter that people on housing benefit are being discriminated against in the private rented sector.


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