Listening to our customer voice is true customer service


In celebration of National Customer Service Week Jim Battle, chair of Salix Homes has written a blog about the importance of great customer service. 


Excellent customer service is not something that just happens. It is something that has to be worked on, honed and harnessed in an organisation- whatever type of business you are.


More importantly, it is achieved because you know your customers, or even better, have structures in place that enable customers to tell you what they want and make sure your services deliver on just that.


At Salix Homes, we recognise this and have established a number of ways to make sure our customers can directly influence and scrutinise our services. Whether its our award-winning Customer Committee, scrutiny groups or range of valuable feedback we get, it all helps make sure we can strive to provide services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations based on what they have told us.


Amongst the range of benefits that true customer engagement gives an organisation, excellent customer service is, quite simply where all roads lead back to. It is often easy to lose sight of this as you restructure services, re-align priorities or review processes in response to customer feedback, but ultimately, isn’t this what we are trying to achieve?


The answer; yes! Improved customer satisfaction because your service to customers is better, and in our case, homes are safer and communities are more sustainable. 


Through this lens, you can see that the delivery of good customer service not just the jurisdiction of your Customer Service Team, but something that runs through the whole organisation and driven by our customers' voice.


This Customer Service Week, I am proud to chair an organisation that lives and breathes that approach.