Cynthia Alloyda

Cynthia Alloyda

A zealous and personable member of the community, Cynthia is a mother, local church member and volunteer who is passionate about people.

Cynthia has a combined degree in Psychology with human resource management, a masters in HR and is interested in undertaking another degree in social policy in the near future. She enjoys volunteering at her local foodbank, getting involved in debates and singing in her spare time.

Cynthia said, “As a lover of people, I was excited for the opportunity to work collaboratively with fellow customers that had different skillsets and were from a variety of different backgrounds.

“The in-depth, practical decision-making process is something that is of personal interest to me, and I can’t wait for the challenge the committee presents to use my skills to work towards making positive changes to the lives of Salix Homes’ customers.”