Involved Participation

Getting involved

If you’re passionate about your local community or specific services and can commit to involvement on a less regular basis, consider the following opportunities. Your input will contribute to recommendations aimed at enhancing service delivery to our Customer Committee and Board.

We can’t always speak to every single customer, but it is still important that we hear their views and that’s where our Community Connectors comes in. Community Connectors are residents living in our neighbourhoods who are our eyes and ears on the ground, working alongside our officers, relaying messages and community concerns.

Community Connectors act as the direct link between tenant and landlord to help to identify the most important issues affecting our neighbourhoods so we can take action and support our customers to the best of our ability.

Find out more about our Community Connectors.

Throughout the year we hold regular walkabouts out in your neighbourhood.

Why not get involved on the next one? Join us and support us in identifying key issues and things that matter most to you and your community.

How much time is involved?  Join our team for an hour or two on the day of the event or just pop along to ask us any questions or give feedback.

There are plenty of ways to get involved at Salix Homes. By coming along to our Community Days you will be able to influence how we deliver and improve our services, receive practical advice and join in with some of the fun activities planned.

How much time is involved?  Join our team for a few hours in the morning or afternoon on the day of the event or just pop along to ask us any questions or give feedback.

Customer Groups

We have also have several Customer Groups, made up of tenants, who focus on key areas of the organisation and give us suggestions and feedback to help us make improvements.

Scrutiny Pool

Take part in in-depth reviews of our services

Procurement Panel

Have say on how we spend our money and help make sure we’re getting a good deal

Complaints Oversight Group

Develop and review our complaints process and help to improve the experience for customers

Apartment Living Forum

Dedicated to customers living in high-rise buildings, have a say on how we provide services to our apartment blocks

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Contact our Customer Engagement Team to see what opportunities are currently available.

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Customer Committee

Customer Committee

The customers monitoring and improving the way Salix Homes operates

Customer Committee
Community Connectors

Community Connectors

The voice at the heart of your local neighbourhood

Community Connectors
Our people

Our people

Meet the people behind all the work we do at Salix Homes, including boards, committees, and teams

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