Joyce's story

Joyce Cotgrave is the longest-serving resident of iconic Salford tower block Arthur Millwood Court.

Joyce, 82, and her late husband Stanley were one of the first couples to move into Arthur Millwood Court in Islington in 1964. She has lived in the same flat for half a century and is the only original resident left in the 14-storey building.

In 2013 Arthur Millwood Court, and neighbouring high rise block Canon Hussey Court, underwent a multi million pound facelift as part of our improvement programme Joyce said: “I remember when they were being built and I never thought then I’d end up living in one, but I have a lot of happy memories living here. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go and made a lot of friends.

“My view looks out across Manchester and I’ve watched all those buildings go up from my window. When I first moved in you could only see Albert Bridge House, there was no Arndale Centre or anything, but I’ve seen it all get built.”

The iconic tower blocks, which are named after the 1937-38 Mayor of Salford Arthur Millwood and Canon Richard Hussey, a long-serving rector of Holy Trinity, Salford, were built during the 1960s as part of a project to clear the city’s slums.

We transformed the pair of ageing tower blocks; new doors, windows, balconies and modern kitchens and bathrooms. Externally the buildings had full rain-screen cladding in striking shades of graphite and orange, totally transforming the Salford skyline.

The roofs of the buildings were also replaced and energy efficient heating systems installed, slashing the buildings’ carbon footprint.

Joyce was thrilled with her new look home. “I have lived here for a very long time, but it’s better than ever now thanks to Salix Homes. The improvement works have made such a difference, my flat is so warm,” she said.

“My fondest memory is living here with Stanley as we were very happy, but now my best memory is seeing the improvements that have taken place. I want to spend the rest of my years here.”

First published in February 2013