Understanding your charges

Your rent and charges explained

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Your rent and charges

Your tenancy agreement with Salix Homes allows us to review and change your rent each year. We will write to you in advance of any changes to your rent charges.

The rents we charge, and any increases we are allowed to make, have to follow guidelines that are set in line with government legislation.

We always aim to keep rent as affordable as possible, but we need to balance this with the costs in areas such as maintaining and repairing homes, and the goods and services we need to run our organisation.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we put all our income back into providing quality homes and services that support local communities.

As a leaseholder, you have to pay a service charge. This is to pay for important work that Salix Homes carries out on your behalf.

At the beginning of each financial year, we will send you a breakdown of the current year’s charge. This will be followed by an invoice based on the costs of each element of the charge including repairs, management and administration costs.

Find out more leaseholder information.

We fully understand that a lot of people can experience difficulties in managing their money, household budgets and meeting priority payments such as rent.

If you are finding it difficult to pay rent and other bills, then we may be able to help. Just speak to your income management officer who will be able to provide individual advice on benefits and budgeting.

If you prefer to talk to other agencies in Salford providing free, independent, impartial advice then we can put you in touch with them.

Give us a call on 0800 218 2000.

To make sure our customers get the best value for their rent, we are continually looking at ways to improve the efficiency of how we do things, from investing in homes to providing better digital services.

We are committed to ensuring that all our services provide value for money. Our regulator keeps a check on us to make sure. We aim to:

  • Provide a high-quality service to our customers and colleagues
  • Optimise our income and financial return on our assets
  • Improve the quality of life of our customers and those who live in our communities
  • Increase the efficiency in the delivery of our services and use of resources

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Managing your money

Managing your money

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Managing your money
How we can help you

How we can help you

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How we can help you