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Rent a room in your home

Our tenants can offer a room in their home to lodgers.

Tenants are eligible to take in a lodger if:

  • they get permission in writing from us

  • a lodger would not cause over-crowding

  • they are not sub-letting the whole property

Taking in a lodger can help tenants who:

  • are paying the spare room subsidy, (bedroom tax), and do not want to move out

  • want to downsize but have not found a suitable home

  • live alone and would like some company

  • want the added security of having someone else at home

  • have a spare room as grown-up children have left home or are away in full-time education

If you're interested in taking in a lodger please get in touch.

Email us at or call us on 0800 218 2000.

Finding a lodger

There are many ways to find a lodger. You may even know someone already who wants to lodge with you.

Using Pinpoint is a site that lets tenants advertise their spare room to potential lodgers.

How it works

  1. The tenant lets Pinpoint know what they would like to say in the advert and their team put the advert online

  2. Potential lodgers apply for the lodging

  3. The tenant then chooses their lodger and manages the contract

The Find a Room service can match empty rooms with single home seekers such as:

  • people on low incomes or benefits

  • people under 35 who cannot get housing benefit to cover the full rent on a bedsit or one-bedroom flat

  • students or temporary workers who are seeking a place to stay in Salford