Mutual exchange

If you are a social housing tenant, you have the right to apply for a home swap with one or more other tenants. This is called mutual exchange.

This can be within or outside of Salford, as long as all the exchange parties are social housing tenants.

A mutual exchange is a great way to find a new home without having to wait on the housing register.

There are 3 ways of finding a mutual exchange:

  1. Register on Salford Home Search


  2. Register on House exchange


  3. Find your own match through friends or family


Frequently asked questions

I’ve found a suitable match - what happens next?

  • make sure that you view the other property. Do not be afraid to ask questions
  • make sure you check the type of tenancy of the other party, as you may lose the right to buy
  • each party must complete a mutual exchange application form and return it to us
  • we’ll give you a decision in writing within 42 days
  • all parties complete a deed of assignment

What if the new home has more or fewer bedrooms than I need?  

We’ll consider applications where a property is larger than your needs on a case by case basis.

We will not approve the exchange if it will cause overcrowding 

Can I change my mind?

Yes. You are not legally committed to the exchange until the deeds of assignment have been signed. You cannot change your mind after this