Children show spirit of Salford by organising a community clean up and event

18 November, 2020

Young children in Salford showed how much they love their neighbourhood by organising a community clean up and charity fundraising event.

Jaydon Polver-Cavanagh, 9 and Mika Lees, 12 decided to organise a litter pick, in order to do their bit to keep their community tidy. As word of mouth spread, more children arrived to give a helping hand.

Impressed with the initiative shown by the children, local resident, Sue Hinder a former development worker, got in touch with housing association Salix Homes to share their story.

Sue said: “I’m really proud of the kids and wanted to make sure that their hard work was recognised. I think it’s important that children grow up with a sense of pride in their area and I couldn’t be more impressed by them all. I would also like to thank all the neighbours and friends that made the day a success.”

Sue added: “I recently held a Macmillan coffee morning outside my house and the kids wanted to get involved. They raised money by doing bike rides and running. Even the tiny ones did a sponsored walk with their parents and grandparents. It was all done all at a safe distance and everyone said it was a great day.” Thanks to a bake sale and the sponsored activities, the community raised £510.69 for the cancer charity.

As thanks for their hard work, each child got a certificate to recognise their achievements, signed by Salix Homes’ chief executive, Lee Sugden.

Salix Homes CEO Lee Sugden said: “The people of Salford are what makes this city great and it’s amazing to see that our younger generations are leading the way to make our communities live, grow and thrive together.

“We have a community campaign called Love Your Neighbourhood and this kind of action couldn’t be more fitting. The fact that it has been led by some of our youngest citizens is even more special”