Customers and sustainability at heart of Salix Homes’ ambitions for the future

Salix Homes has launched a new two-year plan – placing customers and sustainability at its heart.

We’ve unveiled our new corporate plan – Our Sustainable Future 2023-25 – setting out our key priorities for the next two years.

Today’s world is forever evolving and the challenges facing our customers, our colleagues, our organisation, and our sector continue to grow, with the cost-of-living crisis, access to safe and decent homes, climate change, and the housing crisis all high on our agenda.

We’re confident that we can continue to face these challenges pro-actively and positively to meet the demands of a modern world, for our customers, our communities and our colleagues.

We have therefore revisited our objectives and priorities from our last corporate plan, which took us up to 2023, to make sure we’re still heading in the right direction.

Sue Sutton, Chief Executive at Salix Homes, said: “Back in 2020, we launched our last corporate plan, setting out our key priorities and embarking on the three-year journey to take us to where we are today.

“In that time, we’ve seen a global pandemic, a worsening housing crisis, three prime ministers and a cost of living crisis. The world today is a very different place, but our priorities remain largely the same, and our new plan for 2023-25 aims to take us back to our roots and refocus on our core values to provide good quality homes and services to our customers.

“We’re committed to ensuring we know who our customers are, making sure their voices are heard, ensuring we’re meeting their needs with safer, cleaner, greener homes and communities, and ultimately, delivering a housing service in Salford we’re all proud to be part of.”

The corporate plan focuses on three priority areas – Our Sustainable Homes, Our Sustainable Business and Our Sustainable Communities.

Salix Homes is already leading the way on sustainability with our new Greenhaus development, which is a 96-home apartment block being built to Passivhaus standards and will be the largest Passivhaus certified affordable housing development in the region.

We have also committed to building 300 new, affordable homes over the next two years and investing in our current housing stock, ensuring our homes are greener, cleaner and more energy efficient; benefitting both our customers and the planet. Watch our Our Sustainable Future video, setting out our plans for the future, or read the corporate plan in full.