Furniture Recycling Scheme helps refugee to build new life in Salford

16 February, 2022

A refugee who fled persecution has been able to start his new life with some home comforts thanks to a helping hand from Salix Homes.

John, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, came to Salford with nothing after escaping extreme danger in his home country.

He has now found safety in one of our neighbourhoods and has been able to start to build a new life with thanks to our Furniture Recycling Scheme and a donation from interior design company Manor Interiors.

Since its launch in 2019, our Furniture Recycling Scheme has helped hundreds of people get back on their feet.

The eco-friendly scheme works by recycling unwanted furniture, household items and white goods and then giving it away for free to our customers who need it most.

Since it launched, we’ve seen more than 1,800 items comes through our warehouse doors and diverted 180 tonnes of furniture away from landfill sites.

Salix Homes’ recycling coordinator Janine Hart said: “I’m really proud of the work our team is doing as it allows people with nothing to start to build a safe and happy home environment. We tend to help those who are struggling financially or have fallen on hard times, but we’re also really proud to support people like John, who come to us with nothing, along with other refugees and women escaping domestic violence.”

Stockport-based Manor Interiors supplies furniture packages to Willo Homes, our affordable home-ownership brand, and kindly donated a sofa to our Furniture Recycling Scheme, which has now been donated to John.

Farhan Malik, CEO at Manor Interiors, said: “We’re so pleased to have been able to play a small part in helping John to rebuild his life. We donated the sofa just before Christmas and we’re glad it’s found a new home so quickly.

“We think Salix Homes’ Furniture Recycling Scheme is a great idea, as it helps to reduce waste and supports  people who need it most and we look forward to working with them further in the future so we can support more people like John to help get their lives back on track.”

John’s  support worker, added: “John fled to safety in the UK after being targeted by the local militia in his home country. . It has been extremely hard for him to leave his family but this has been eased by the generosity and support he has received.

“He recently moved into his new flat in Salford and he is so pleased. Thanks to Salford City Council, the generous donation from Manor Interiors and the wonderful Janine at Salix Homes, we have been able to create a lovely home for him.

“I’d like to say thank you to Janine and her team for all they do to make these marvellous opportunities possible.”

For more information on donating furniture or if you’re a Salix Homes customer who could make use of this service, then please get in touch by calling Janine Hart, Salix Homes recycling co-ordinator, on 0800 218 2000.