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The furniture recycling team helps save the day for family in need

17 June, 2020

Since the furniture recycling scheme launched in July 2019, it has been able to provide furniture to people who need it most and kept hundreds of items out of landfill or being dumped onto Salford’s streets.

During the coronavirus restrictions, the team has been able to adapt its processes to meet the challenges of lockdown.

Maria Lester, environmental services manager at Salix Homes said: “Before the start of lockdown, people who were struggling could come down to our warehouse and pick what they need to help make their house into a home. This includes people that have fallen on hard times, refugees and women escaping domestic violence.”

Thanks to a warehouse full of furniture, the team has been able to step in and help other teams in the wider business via digital communications.”

When a family of seven recently needed to be moved out of their home to allow major works to be completed, the furniture recycling team were able to provide them with a fully furnished home.

This included five beds, a full living room set and a kettle and toaster for the kitchen. This meant the family could easily be moved into a new house, without the stress and expense of having to move their own furniture.

Maria added: “Lockdown has been a challenging time for everyone, but it has shown what an adaptable service the furniture recycling scheme is.”