Have your say - Together with Tenants

26 March, 2019

Salix Homes is supporting a campaign by the National Housing Federation (NHF) to give housing association tenants a stronger voice.

The NHF have launched Together with Tenants to promote better relationships between landlords and tenants.

The move comes following the Grenfell Tower Tragedy, which exposed some real differences nationally about how people feel about living in social housing and their relationship with their social housing landlord.

The NHF, a membership body for housing associations providing two and a half million homes for more than six million people, has been working with tenants, residents, tenant representative groups, their housing association members and others to understand what practical change is needed.

In order to begin to create a new relationship between tenants, residents and housing associations, the NHF have drafted a plan which explains the changes housing associations are considering making with the aim of creating a stronger, more balanced relationship with tenants and residents.

As part of the plan, the NHF is calling for housing associations to operate in a way that:

  • values the voice and experience of tenants and residents;
  • is open and transparent in terms of how they act and share information; and
  • welcomes challenge and is honest about where they need to improve.

The NHF would like to hear your views on the proposed changes and how they should be put into action. You can view the draft plan in full here, and share your views via the online questionnaire.

The deadline for feedback is Friday, 19 April 2019.