Injunction for abusive tenant

An abusive tenant who threatened housing workers has been hit with an injunction.

Salix Homes sought legal action against tenant Kelly Chapman, of Trentham Lawns, Salford, on the grounds of her threatening and aggressive behaviour towards employees at another housing provider – St Vincent’s Housing Association, based in Old Trafford.

During an incident at St Vincent’s offices on Brindley Road, Old Trafford, on November 6, Chapman made threats of violence towards members of staff and said she would “burn down” a property.

A court hearing at Manchester Civil Justice Centre on Monday, November 23 heard how Chapman, aged 35, had attended the offices to return the keys to a property on behalf of a third party.

The court heard how Chapman was behaving in an aggressive and abusive manner towards housing staff, shouting expletives and offensive insults.

She also threatened to burn down the property she was handing in the keys for and told one employee she would be waiting outside for her when she finished work and threatened to “do her in the car park”.

Staff at St Vincent’s were forced to call the police and said the incident had left them feeling shaken and worried that the threats would be carried out.

The court granted a 12 month Injunction Order against Chapman, the conditions of which ban her from threatening violence towards employees at St Vincent’s, or using abusive or insulting behaviour against any members of staff.

The order, which will remain in place until November 23, 2016, also bans her from entering the building or car park area of St Vincent’s offices on Brindley Road, Old Trafford.

Sue Sutton, executive director of operations at Salix Homes, said: “Salix Homes takes all reports of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously and we will not tolerate this type of abusive and violent conduct towards anyone, whether it’s our employees, or that of any another organisation.

“I hope this case sends out a very clear message that we will not allow our tenants to act in such an aggressive and intimidating manner and we will always take swift action where necessary.”

Louise Hancock, anti-social behaviour co-ordinator at St Vincent’s Housing Association, added: “I take a dim view of anyone threatening my colleagues or customers of the organisation. It’s great that we can work with partner agencies, such as Salix Homes, to stamp out thuggish behaviour – it can only benefit all.”