Introducing our Boost4Youth panel

10 October, 2018

They’re young, they’re ambitious, they’re energetic and they’re brimming with ideas for how we can help make Salford a better place -  they’re our brand new Boost4Youth Panel.

Earlier this year Salix Homes launched a search to find some talented teenagers amongst our tenants to join our ranks and become the voice of young people in our communities.

Boost4Youth will work with our Neighbourhood Teams to help us provide more opportunities and improve the prospects of young people in Salford. They’ll also co-ordinate our Springboard Youth Fund – dishing out grants to local projects and initiatives that will help young people.

It was a tough selection process, but we are delighted to unveil the final 12 who we are confident will help us make a difference for young people in our communities.

One of their first tasks was to organise the fantastic Boost4Youth fun-day in Ordsall during our Love Your Neighbourhood Week. The day was a huge success, and we caught up with some of them during the event to find out a bit more about them…


Why did you decide to join Boost4Youth?

Mara Sequeira, aged 16: It’s a chance to make a difference to the place I live and do something useful.

Orin Oyewale, aged 17: This is great experience for me, we are always meeting people, organising events and shaping the youth fund.

Fathiat Abdul-Quadri, aged 14: I like how it benefits the community. It’s also a great way to meet new people and looks good on my CV.

Denise Robalo, aged 15: I wanted to be part of something bigger in the community, I already volunteer at Barnardo's, but I really liked the idea of directly making a difference to young people.

Charlotte Cordingley- Mott, aged 15: I knew it would be good experience for me and it’s also great knowing you’ve played a part in helping local people.


What’s the best thing about Boost4Youth?

Mara: For me, it’s making friends. I knew some of the other faces on the panel but never got the chance to speak to them before, now we are all mates. It’s also given me more confidence.

Orin: I’m finding out more about Salford and the wider community - I’ve learnt so much more about the different neighbourhoods in Salford and it makes me proud to live here.

Fathiat: The youth panel is all about us – the youth of Salford. We get to make the decisions and shape how things are done. We get the independence to make things happen.


You’re helping to shape our Springboard youth fund. What sorts of projects would you like to support:

Mara: I am really interested in sport, mainly dancing, so it would be great to see the fund supporting up and coming teams. I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas we can support that will benefit the community.

Fathiat: It would be great if the fund could support projects that help make activities more accessible for young people with disabilities. It would be good to see more inclusion.

Denise: I’d like to see the fund support people’s hobbies. I play violin and I love it, but some young people might not be able to afford equipment to have hobbies or to do that extra bit of education.


What is your dream career?

Mara: I am really passionate about helping disadvantaged children, so I’d love to be a child psychologist in the future. Eventually I’d like to run my own charity to provide a safe place for children to live.

Fathiat: I do love the idea of helping people so my dream would be to train to be a surgeon.

Denise: I want to do something that is rewarding, I am thinking about building a career in healthcare.


And finally, what’s your favourite thing about Salford?

Mara: The people are my favourite thing about Salford. Everybody seems to know each other and it’s a real community.

Fathiat: There is so much going on. I love Salford Quays and MediaCity. It’s great to think when you watch some shows on TV you’re a part of that by living in Salford.

Denise: I love the culture. We have a lot of music and artists that have come from Salford. Salford people are proud people.

Charlotte: It’s the way Salford people come together - people have pride in their community.