Meet the new Greenhaus residents - Kya


Kya Jones is one of the first residents to move in at Greenhaus.

The 29-year-old is a Senior Business Analyst in the tech sector and moved to Salford in 2019 from her hometown of Liverpool to be closer to her job in Manchester city centre.

Kya had previously lived at another Salix Homes development – Artifex in the Trinity area of Salford – but was attracted to the green credentials, affordability and location of Greenhaus.

She explained: “The whole idea of Greenhaus with its eco-credentials, cheaper bills, health benefits, and not to mention the great location, really appealed to me. It ticks every box and I’m really excited about making Greenhaus my home.”

Kya has opted for a two-bedroom apartment under the Rent to Buy Scheme.

Rent to Buy is a government scheme designed to ease the transition from renting to buying a home by providing a subsidised rent at around 20% below the market rate. People are able to rent the properties for five years at the reduced rate leaving room for them to save towards a deposit and then have the option to buy their home after the five-year period.

Kya works from home regularly, so is using her second bedroom as a home-office, but is also just a 20 minute walk from her workplace in Manchester city centre.

Kya added: “I like city centre living – I like being able to walk to work and to the shops – it suits my lifestyle, but the cost of an apartment in the city centre is just not affordable. With Greenhaus and the Rent to Buy scheme, I’m getting the benefits of the location, so close to Manchester city centre, but without the city centre prices.

“The cost of living in general has gone up such a lot, so I jumped at the opportunity to have a home where the outgoings will be significantly less. For me, Greenhaus is about thinking ahead for my future – if I do have a family and children one day – the thought of living in a healthier home, where the air is cleaner and greener, is also a real benefit.”

Meet the new Greenhaus residents

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