New Customer Committee will keep tenants at heart of Salix Homes

12 September, 2019

Salix Homes is changing its governance structure to give tenants more responsibility and ensure they remain at the heart of the organisation.

We’re currently recruiting for a brand-new Customer Committee which will work alongside our Board to help shape the future of Salix Homes.

Salix Homes has always worked closely with customers – we currently have more than 100 Community Connectors who provide a voice in our neighbourhoods and give us an insight into what issues are most important to our tenants.

But for the first time we’re introducing paid positions giving customers more responsibility and influence over our services.

Anne-Marie Bancroft, is the new customer engagement manager at Salix Homes, who will oversee the committee.

She said: “Ensuring customers are at the heart of the organisation has always been a priority for Salix Homes and we’re confident our new Customer Committee will help us to develop and improve our services for the benefit of all our tenants. 

“Our tenants are the ones living in our homes and communities, so there is no better voice to help shape our services than our customers. We’d urge anyone who has a real passion for where they live and feels they can make a difference and use their own experiences to help improve the organisation to apply for this exciting new role.”

Recruitment is now open for 10 paid Customer Committee positions who will sit on the 12-strong committee alongside two Board Members.

Responsibilities will include ensuring that consumer standards are being met and that value for money is being achieved across all our service areas.

Full training will be provided and committee members will receive an annual salary of £5,300.

Find out more and apply for the role.