New Tenancy Agreement hits doorsteps!

16 March, 2015

Following the tenant ballot in autumn where tenants voted in favour of Salford City Council’s proposals to transfer homes to Salix Homes, tenants will now have received a new tenancy agreement from Salix Homes.

We have developed the new agreement to reflect our tenant’s new assured tenancy status and to protect the key rights you had previously with the council, including the right to buy.

If you are a tenant, you need to sign and send back your tenancy agreement form as soon as possible.

We’ve also issued new payment cards which will be hitting doorsteps too, including rent payment cards, which can be used straight away to pay rent and other charges such as insurance or repair charges.

As well as filling out the tenancy agreement we’ve also included a ‘Getting to know you form’ which will help us understand and consider how different people are affected by the decisions we make and services we provide.

If you have any questions about any of this information you can call us on 0800 218 2000 or email 

Some tenants will not receive the new tenancy agreement:

  • If you are an introductory tenant you will get the new tenancy agreement after one year, if you have met the terms of your tenancy
  • If you have breached the terms of your tenancy, for example you are in rent arrears or have a Notice of Seeking Possession you will only receive the new agreement once the issue has been resolved