New way of measuring repairs satisfaction

13 August, 2018

Following customer feedback, and working alongside the Customer Senate, we are trialling a new way of gathering satisfaction information for our repairs service. From next week, we will be contacting customers following a repair, with an automated phone call using the same system we use to measure satisfaction with our contact centre.

How will the surveys be carried out?

We will aim to contact you within 48 hours of your job being completed on our system.  This will allow you to give us feedback whilst the experience of the service is still fresh in your mind.

We will attempt to contact you a couple of times by phone.  When you answer the phone, you will hear a recorded message from Salix Homes, asking you whether you were satisfied with the service that you received.  You will be able to press one key to indicate you are satisfied or an alternative if dissatisfied. If we are not successful at getting through to you, we may send you a text message to gather your feedback.  

What happens with the survey results?

Once the survey is completed, we will look at the results in detail to identify the areas where we are performing well and those which have room for improvement. Where we receive negative feedback, a member of our Repairs Team may ring the customer back within two working days to discuss the issues.

As you would expect, all information will be kept safe and secure, and handled in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation.

Measuring satisfaction is very useful and we really appreciate a few moments of your time to let us know what you think. We hope this new system will provide better insight and help improve our repairs service.

If you have any queries or if you want to opt out of this survey please contact us.