Our Promise to You

8 June, 2021

Salix Homes has officially launched our new Customer Charter cementing our commitment to providing the best possible service to you – our customers.

The Charter – titled ‘Our Promise to You’ - sets out a comprehensive set of new promises for customers so you know exactly what you can expect from us as your landlord.

The promises have been developed with our Customer Committee as well as wider consultation with customers. They are focussed around the following seven key areas:

  • Your Voice – we will ask for and value your views
  • Respect – we will treat you with respect and our relationship will be based on trust, honesty and transparency
  • Communication – we will give you clear and accessible information on the issues that matter to you
  • Safety – we will put the quality and safety of your home at the heart of how we build, improve, maintain, and manage your home and neighbourhood.
  • Our Services – we will provide housing services to you that are efficient, consistent and easy to access
  • Resolution – we will make sure you have a simple and accessible way of raising issues, making complaints, and putting things right
  • Accountability – we will work in partnership with you so you can independently monitor us and hold us to account

Sue Sutton, our chief executive, said: “We’re incredibly proud to launch our new Customer Charter, which clearly sets out our commitment to customers, so they know what they can expect from us as their landlord.

“Providing customers with the best possible service has always been our priority, but following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017 we pledged to do more, and our new Charter represents the start of a new era of landlord and customer relationship, which puts customers firmly at the heart of the organisation.

“We’ve listened to our customers, worked alongside our colleagues and partners and taken consideration from proposed new Government legislation to develop this Charter, which we’re confident will give customers a much stronger and more influential voice in how our services our run.”

The Charter has also been inspired by the Government’s recently launched Charter for Social Housing Tenants, the National Housing Federation’s ‘Together with Tenants Charter’ and the national Building Safety Charter, and we’re encouraging all our staff to pledge their commitment to it.

The Charter also sets out our expectations as a landlord from our customers, which includes treating our staff and people in your community with respect, reporting any issues to us and keeping to the terms and condition of your tenancy agreement.

Read our Promise to You here.