Residents of sheltered scheme receive heart-warming pictures from local school children

11 June, 2020

Local Salford school children have helped to raise the spirits of their elderly neighbours by drawing and sending them pictures.  

With most of the residents of the Queen Alexandra sheltered scheme in Salford self-isolating since March, children from across the area wanted to do their part to cheer them up after receiving a call to action from a local councillor.  

Councillor Tanya Burch who represents the Ordsall area of Salford said: “My friend posted on social media a picture her child drew for an elderly resident in their local care home. It inspired me to put the word out across Ordsall to see if we could do something similar for the three care homes and sheltered schemes in the area.  

 “As well as local primary schools, I also contacted high school Oasis Academy, local churches and children’s charity Sovereign House to see if they would like to get involved with this lovely project, which they all did. 
“The response was really heart-warming. My inbox was full of emails from parents, teachers and churches containing their children’s beautiful drawings, which I then passed on to the older residents.”  

Councillor Burch added: “It’s a great opportunity to teach our children about respect for the elderly and how important it is to think about others during the lockdown and doing their part to lift their spirits.” 

Liam Turner, neighbourhood manager for Salix Homes’ sheltered schemes said, “The response from the residents has been great, it’s been lovely to see how these small gestures have made a big impact on them. Even before the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, many of our older residents had felt quite isolated. Receiving these pictures from the local children has let them know that they’re considered to be part of the community.”  

If you would like to share your child’s drawings with the older residents of Salford, please email them to Councillor Tanya Burch on