Salford man given Injunction Order for homophobic behaviour

1 December, 2020

A man who hurled homophobic abuse at his neighbours has been hit with an Injunction Order.

Salix Homes sought legal action against tenant Ryan Parker, of Whitefriar Court in Salford, on the grounds of his homophobic and threatening behaviour towards his neighbours and people visiting the tower block on Blackfriars Road.

During a court hearing at Manchester Civil Justice Centre, the court heard how during one particular incident in August this year, Parker, aged 46, shouted homophobic slurs at one victim and threatened to ‘smash his face in’, which had left the victim feeling frightened and anxious.

It’s not the first time Salix Homes has taken legal action against Parker, having previously secured an Injunction Order against him in 2017 after he assaulted another neighbour.

At the court hearing in October, the judge granted a two-year Civil Injunction Order, which will remain in place until August 2022.

Under the terms of the Order, which includes a Power of Arrest, Parker is banned from threatening violence, or engaging in abusive, insulting or homophobic behaviour towards his neighbours or anyone visiting Whitefriar Court.

He must also not contact one of his victims, which includes on social media.

Sue Sutton, deputy chief executive at Salix Homes, said: “Salix Homes welcomes the judge’s decision to grant a Civil Injunction Order against Ryan Parker who has caused fear and upset to residents at Whitefriar Court with his homophobic and threatening behaviour.

“We take all reports of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously, as we strive to make sure all our neighbourhoods are safe and pleasant places to live. We will not tolerate this type of abusive conduct towards anyone, and I hope this case sends out a very clear message that we will always take swift action where possible to protect residents living in our communities.”