Salix Homes High-Rise Month of Action

During February 2024, we held a High Rise Month of Action across all our tower blocks.

We carried out home visits and hosted communal drop-in events, where we completed essential safety checks and audits, and were also able to have meaningful discussions with our customers about their priorities and concerns, so we can tailor our services accordingly.

We also used the opportunity to advance our Getting to Know You campaign, whereby we are contacting all our customers to learn a little more about them and their household to ensure our data is up to date.

That data is being used to help us improve customer access to services and support, and help us better understand the diverse range and needs of the people living in our communities.

Throughout the month-long initiative, we completed 186 home visits and spoke to more than 350 customers.

The comments, insight and feedback has fed directly into our new Building Safety Customer Engagement Strategy, and has helped shape our neighbourhood action planning process.