Universal Credit is coming

10 September, 2018

Salix Homes is supporting tenants affected by Universal Credit.

The Government is introducing major changes to the benefits system, which will have an impact on the way working age people receive and manage their benefits.

Universal Credit was introduced in Broughton in July, and will be rolled out across the rest of Salford on September 26.

The changes will affect the following people on benefits:

  • New claimants
  • People moving to a new address or job
  • Job seekers
  • People who are leaving work due to illness
  • People who are having a baby

To help our affected tenants through the changes, we have set up a Universal Credit Hub on our website to help our customers understand what they need to do and what help is available.

Salix Homes also has a dedicated Universal Credit advisor Kate Woolfenden, who is here to help you through the changes.

Kate said: “Universal Credit will have a huge impact on our residents who are in receipt of benefits, and we know a lot of our customers are concerned about how it will affect them and how they will manage their money.

“As part of the changes, people will receive benefits monthly and will be required to apply online and have their own bank account and email address. For many, these changes are daunting, but Salix Homes is here to help every step of the way.

“Our online Universal Credit Hub provides a wealth of information and guidance, and we can also offer advice on everything from budgeting and setting up a bank account to ensuring you’re receiving the correct benefits you’re entitled to, so if you do have any concerns about Universal Credit I’d urge you to get in touch.”

Universal Credit replaces Housing Benefit, Income Support, Income-based Job Seekers Allowance, Income-related Employment Support Allowance, Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits into one monthly payment.

Customers on housing benefit who previously had this paid directly to Salix Homes will now be responsible for paying this themselves and will need to budget for all monthly outgoings.

Visit our Universal Credit Hub to find out more or contact our Universal Credit Advisor Kate on 0800 218 2000 or