WIN days reintroduced

Salix Homes has reintroduced Working in Neighbourhood (WIN) Days in a bid to get to know our customers and communities better.

Our WIN Day initiative has been given a re-boot and are now being held regularly for teams from across our organisation to get out and about in our communities, knock on doors and speak to customers.

Sue Sutton, Salix Homes Chief Executive, said: “At Salix Homes, we’re on a mission to get back to our roots and refocus on our core values to provide good quality homes and services to our customers.

“We’re committed to ensuring our customers’ voices are heard and listened to, and providing more opportunities for them to help shape and improve our services, so the WIN Days are a key part of that commitment.

“By having more regular, dedicated WIN Days for our teams from across our service areas to go out knocking on doors and engaging in face-to-face conversations, we can identify any potential issues and better understand the needs of our customers, as we work together towards building stronger, more connected communities.”

Last summer, we launched a new operating model and made changes to the way we work so we can give our customers better access to support and services, and the WIN Days form part of our new ways of working. We also have a team of new, dedicated housing officers out in our neighbourhoods, who aim to be a familiar face in our communities, creating closer connections with customers.

We’ve held two WIN Days so far during November and December which were well received by our customers. During January and February, we’ll be targeting our high rise blocks across Salford, so keep your eye on our social media channels for full dates and details coming soon.