Rethinking Housing

Salix Homes is #RethinkingHousing.

In today’s forever-evolving world, we are rethinking the way we provide our services in order to cope with the demands of the future.

In 2015, we set out on our five-year journey to 2020 with our Corporate Plan - Let’s Grow Together.

But like any organisation, Salix Homes is not immune to the changing landscape, so we have revisited our five year objectives to make sure we’re still heading in the right direction and focusing on the right things. This will help us achieve our goals for our customers, communities and colleagues.

Rapid technological advances, a new mayor for Greater Manchester, Brexit and an evolving political enviroment, a growing housing crisis and housing reforms are just some of the changes we, along with many others are facing.

With these changes come opportunities; truly digital services for our customers; predictive asset management; a stronger voice to help tackle the housing crisis and working closer with providers.

Our customers deserve to have their landlord support them to navigate this brave new world.

The time is right for us to #RethinkHousing.


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