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Shanrick's story

We have been working with Shanrick for the past year, who was at risk of eviction, sorting out his finances and helping him get his life back on track.

Our Money Advice Officers Katie and Norman helped to:

Maximise his income

  • Get £561.02 off his water arrears through the United Utilities Trust Fund PLUS a free washing machine
  • Claimed backdated housing benefit of £1,407.51
  • Secured new weekly housing benefit allowance of £108.27 PLUS discretionary housing payments topping up housing benefit of £4.50 a week
  • Accessed a crisis fund and secured a £40 voucher for gas and electricity
  • Obtained £244 per fortnight of Employment Support Allowance

Plus offered help, support & advice

  • Help with setting up a bank account
  • Support in setting up payment plans for TV license and utility bills
  • Obtained single person discount for water bills
  • Fixed his heating and TV aerial

Shanrick says; “I’m glad to be back on my feet and am now budgeting and making important payments. I’m hoping to look for work again this year.

Katie, Money Advice Officer at Salix Homes says “Shanrick has come such a long way from when I first met him. He’s now managing things himself and has really been empowered to take charge of his finances”.

Shanrick adds: “Both Norman and Katie helped me in all the ways I could think of. I’m sure they can help other people too”

First published June 2015

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