Make things better for your community

Springboard is our community fund programme. It offers cash injections to local groups and community initiatives. These projects improve our neighbourhoods.

Springboard is part of our Love Your Neighbourhood initiative. The fund can be used for projects that will:

  • boost community spirit

  • improve the environment

  • reduce isolation

  • promote health and wellbeing

The fund is designed help strengthen the sense of community in Salford. We want to encourage people to love their neighbourhood.

What do I need?

All you need is a great idea and a local connection to Salix Homes.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for a Springboard fund. You do not even have to be a Salix Homes tenant, as long as your project will benefit our communities.

What kind of projects receive funding?

We are looking for initiatives that:

  • promote community spirit

  • deliver environmental improvements

  • encourage community integration and reduce isolation

  • give access to training and employment opportunities

  • improve health and well-being

  • enhance community safety

Who approves my application?

  • funds below £1,000 are approved by your local neighbourhood team

  • funds above £1,000 are approved by a panel of Salix Homes customers

If I am successful who will manage the project fund?

Salix Homes will manage the project fund