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Springboard Heroes Finalist - Veterans Garage

The Veterans Garage was formed by a group of ex-service family members to create a social hub to help reduce social isolation amongst veterans.  

The Veteran’s Garage is based at the former Terminal Building at City Airport Barton in Eccles. They applied for funding from the Springboard community grant to pay for a chest freezer for their members to use.  

Craig Monaghan, director of veterans affairs at Veterans Garage said: “Automotive and aviation events have always brought people together, so we thought it would be the perfect thing to base our social club around. People of all ages, genders, races or religions can bond over their shared interest and passion for automotives and aviation.”  

Open seven days a week, The Veterans Garage also provides its members with welfare support. 

While post-traumatic stress disorder is probably the best-known mental health disorder to impact military veterans, research has shown they are as likely to experience depression, personality disorders and alcohol-related issues. Once someone leaves the armed forces, their housing and employment status can also influence on their mental health.  

Craig said: “People have said that they wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the club. It really is a lifeline for so many of our members.  

“The pandemic has been tough for us, as we are self-funded through our cafe and the possibility of closure is now very real, especially after our roof collapsed recently after heavy rain.  

 “We have recently added new counselling suites, expanded the area to include more social space with a pool table, arcade machine, a brand-new state of the art industrial kitchen and a new board room. All this could be gone if we don’t raise enough funds to help rebuild the roof.”  


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