How to buy your home

If you’re one of our tenants and are thinking about buying your home, here’s what you need to know.

Who has Right to Buy?

You may have the Right to Buy your home if you signed your tenancy with Salix Homes before 23rd March 2015. If you signed after this date you may have the Right to Acquire.

For more information visit the Government’s website.

Who has Right to Acquire?

If you have held your tenancy with us for a minimum of 3 years you may have Right to Acquire.

If you've had a tenancy with another:

  • social landlord

  • local authority

the years from this may count towards the 3 years.

For more information visit the Government’s website.

How much discount can I get?

Right to Buy

You can calculate your amount of discount using the discount calculator. You may be entitled to an extra discount from previous tenancies with:

  • other social landlords

  • local authorities

You’ll need to provide evidence of previous tenancies. We’ll then contact the landlords on your behalf

Right to Acquire

For properties in Salford, the Right to Acquire discount is currently fixed at £9,000.

How do I apply?

Get in touch on 0800 218 2000 and we will send you a Right to Buy/Right to Acquire Pack.

You may find the Purchasing a Property Policy useful reading.

What happens next?

Once you have:

  • received the pack

  • completed the forms

  • gathered all the proof and ID you need

we’ll set up a Right to Buy/Right to Acquire appointment with a member of the Tenancy Specialist team. At the appointment they will:

  • check your forms

  • copy your ID

  • tell you about the next steps of the process


We’ll make emergency repairs only to your home once you’ve applied to buy/acquire.

What other costs will I have to pay?

There are solicitors fees such as:

  • drawing up contracts

  • exchanging ownership papers

  • handling money for the sale

You may want to have a structural survey carried out on your home. Your mortgage provider may insist on it.

Buying a flat

You need to think about extra costs such as ground rent and service charges. These include:

  • external repairs

  • security

  • gardening

  • cleaning

If you want to buy your flat, we'll offer you an appointment with our leasehold team to discuss these charges. To see the difference between the costs of being a homeowner and of being a tenant, visit the Government’s Right to Buy website.

When can I not buy my home?

You cannot buy your home if:

  • you are not living in the property as your main home

  • you live in our sheltered accommodation

  • you live in a property designed for people with disabilities

  • we've served a final demolition notice on your property

  • we’ve obtained a possession order for your property

  • you have an arrangement with creditors and you still owe the money. For example an Individual Voluntary Arrangement

  • you are an undischarged bankrupt or you have a bankruptcy petition against you


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    Download the Purchasing a Property Policy

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