High-rise home safety checks

We have a specialist team who carry out safety checks with individual customers who live in our high-rise buildings. This is to make sure all the possible safety precautions are in place in your home and that they work for you.

Door safety checks

We regularly contact our customers to ask them to check the entrance door to their flat.

The check doesn’t need any special technical knowledge or tools, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


Home safety check visits

When we contact you to arrange a safety check visit, it’s really important you book this in with us.

The visit only takes around half an hour, and allows us to check all the safety aspects of your home such as:

  • testing smoke and heat detectors
  • checking your windows and front door
  • checking any ventilation systems and that they’re clean
  • a visual inspection of electrical sockets and switches

If anything needs attention or a repair, we’ll make arrangements with you to put it right.

While we’re visiting, we’ll also:

  • make sure the contact details we have for you are up to date
  • check the details of who is living in your property are correct
  • check everyone in your home is able to evacuate the building in case of an emergency
  • make sure you understand the evacuation procedure for your building
  • give you general fire safety information specific to your home
  • give you the chance to ask any questions or raise any issues

Report a concern

Tell us if you see something that could be a fire or structural safety concern – give as much detail as possible.

Make a report
Meet our Building Safety Team

Meet our safety team

If you live in one of our high-rise blocks, our property safety officers will be familiar faces around your home.

Safety in your home

Safety in your home

Safety in our buildings and reporting concerns

Safety in your home
Manage my home

Manage my home

All the information you need about your home and tenancy - repairs, payments, safety and more

Manage my home
How we can help you

How we can help you

An extra helping hand to our customers and local communities

How we can help you