Salford residents wake up to Valentine’s Day surprise

16 February, 2021

Love was in the air across Salford this Valentine’s Day thanks to a local mum with a big heart.

Mum-of-two Keri Muldoon, who works as a lollipop lady, is well known amongst her neighbours for organising events and activities to bring her community closer together.

This Valentine’s Day, Keri made it her mission to spread a little love among the community and help lift spirits during the lockdown.

Community campaigner Keri applied for funding through Salix Homes’ Springboard community grant scheme to purchase roses, teabags and mugs emblazoned with the words ‘you are loved’ to leave on the doorsteps of 48 homes across Broughton on Valentine’s Day morning.

With the help of some volunteers, Keri delivered the gifts during the early hours of Sunday morning so people would wake up to their Valentine’s surprise. She said: “I planned this Valentine’s Day surprise, so that I could help bring some smiles back to this crazy world we have found ourselves in.

“I know people have been feeling the effects of being in lockdown, so I wanted to help them know that they are loved.”

Salix Homes supported Keri’s Valentine’s Day gesture with a £100 grant from its Springboard programme, which provides funding to projects, groups and initiatives in Salford that boost community spirit, promote health and wellbeing, reduce isolation or improve the environment.

Sian Grant, executive director of operations at Salix Homes, said: “We want to encourage people to love their neighbourhood and Keri definitely loves hers.

“Keri is great at coming up with ideas that boost community spirit, so we hope that people are inspired by her to do the same. Any Salford resident can apply for Springboard funding. All you need is a great idea that will benefit your community.”

Keri is also a member of Salix Homes Community Committee and has had a big impact on her own community over the years where she’s led a campaign to save a local Sure Start centre, co-ordinates the Broughton Flood Group and organises a children’s drama class.  

To apply for Springboard funding, go to Springboard Community Fund | Salix Homes