Springboard boost helps tackle loneliness at Rialto Gardens this Christmas

12 January, 2022

A group of kind-hearted volunteers at one of our sheltered housing schemes in Salford made sure none of their elderly neighbours were alone this Christmas, by hosting a Christmas dinner.

Thanks to a cash boost from our Springboard community grant programme, residents at Rialto Gardens in Higher Broughton enjoyed a Christmas and Boxing Day feast together.

Jackie Kelsey, a volunteer and resident at Rialto Gardens, said “Last Christmas was one of the loneliest times for residents, as coronavirus restrictions meant many people ended up spending the day by themselves.

“We wanted to make sure that this wouldn’t happen again, so we applied for Springboard funding to host a Christmas dinner for everyone.  We decorated the communal room to make the day as festive as possible.

“After Christmas dinner, we had enough left over to provide a Boxing Day dinner too, and some residents even took dinner for another day- so people were well fed over the holidays.

“Anyone was welcome to join us and a few tenants brought friends or family members along, as all our events at Rialto Gardens are open to anyone, of any age.”

Salix Homes’ Springboard fund supports local groups and initiatives that boost community spirit, improve the environment, reduce isolation and promote health and wellbeing.

Our customer engagement manager Jeannette Green said: “For lots of older people out there, Christmas can be a very lonely time.  We’re so pleased that we’ve been able to support Jackie and the other volunteers to bring people together and make it a day to remember.

“The volunteers at Rialto Gardens put a lot of time and effort into regularly organising activities, with the support of our Springboard fund, that boost community spirit and help tackle isolation. Without them, this festive event would not have been possible, so on behalf of Salix Homes, we’d like to thank them for all their hard work to make the day so special.”

Click here to apply for a Springboard grant or call 0800 218 2000 for more information.