Safety enhancement programme

Post-Grenfell, we’ve completed a programme of enhanced safety measures. This includes the installation of state-of-the-art fire alarms at all 18 of our high-rise buildings. We're also installing sprinkler systems where we are carrying out any major refurbishments.

Eight of our blocks were found to have cladding systems that did not meet the Government’s test criteria.

Our affected blocks were only partially clad in aluminium composite material (ACM). We can confirm that these cladding systems were removed from all 8 blocks since last spring. These blocks are:

  • Mulberry Court

  • Magnolia Court

  • Sycamore Court

  • Riverbank Tower

  • Newbank Tower

  • Blackfriar Court

  • Arthur Millwood Court

  • Canon Hussey Court

We worked with technical experts to develop a permanent solution to replace the panels. Replacement cladding systems that meet the most stringent safety requirements are now installed and completed on six of the affected blocks.

Remediation work is continuing at Arthur Millwood Court and Canon Hussey Court in Islington. The defective cladding has been completely stripped from both buildings, fire alarms have been installed and sprinklers have been fitted. We expect to complete this programme of work at the remaining 2 blocks by this summer.