Preventing blocked toilets and drains

Let it flow

Our sewers and pipes can quite easily get clogged by inappropriate things being put down the drain or flushed down the toilet.

Eventually, this rubbish,  fat and oils can build up into large blockages known as ‘fat-bergs’ which damage pipes or cause sewers to back up or overflow.

You can help prevent these unnecessary blockages by only flushing toilet paper down your toilet, and not pouring things like cooking fats down your sink.

Here’s how you can stop the block:

Only flush the 3 P’s

Pee, Poo and (toilet) Paper.

Don’t flush wet wipes

Please put them in the bin instead.

Don’t flush cotton buds

Put them in the bin as well.

Don’t pour cooking oils

Don’t pour fats and oils down the sink and drains.

Scrape oils into the bin

Wait for oils to cool and throw them away.

Use a strainer

Use a sink strainer to catch any leftover food bits going down the plughole.

Report a problem to us

You can let us know about any problems around your building through MySalix.

Visit MySalix

Stop the block

United Utilities who supply water in the North West of England give these tips to help you know what's safe to flush, and what isn't.

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