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We are an ambitious and progressive and have achieved many awards and accolades. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best possible talent to make a real difference in our community.

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Our boards, committees and teams

The day to day management of Salix Homes is undertaken by our executive management team.

Salix Homes Board

The Salix Homes Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation and ensuring the achievement of the organisation’s vision and the objectives set out in the Corporate Plan. To do so, the Board establishes the organisation’s overall policy and strategy and monitors compliance with its values and performance targets within a clearly defined framework of delegation and system of control.

There are currently four Committees which support the Board. These are:

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee addresses internal and external audit issues and advises the Board on risk management policies and internal control matters. It also considers the financial statements and recommends their approval to the Board.

The Remuneration and Governance Committee

The Remuneration and Governance Committee advises the Board on non-executive member remuneration and the appointment and remuneration of the Chief Executive and Executive Directors, taking independent advice and using consultants as necessary.

The Growth and Development Committee

The Growth and Development Committee has oversight responsibility for growth and development and property investment, and the carbon agenda, monitors the performance of such activities and reviews proposals to create a pipeline of potential development schemes, advising the Board, accordingly, taking due account of related risks.

The Salix Homes Customer Committee (SHCC)

The Salix Homes Customer Committee ensures the Regulator of Social Housing’s Consumer Standards are being met and agreed local service standards are being adhered to, utilising independent internal audit and scrutiny reviews as necessary to provide assurance.

A register of Board and Committee Member declarations of interest can be made available upon request to


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